“Mama always said there’d be days like this…”

Dearest Readers,

Please forgive my silence. I’ve been absolutely swamped these past few weeks with story deadlines, my book proposal (a new version, which my agent wants me to complete “ASAP”), my children’s school and extracurricular activities, and life in general. As a result, The Shepherd and the Olive Tree has been sorely neglected.

As have my children’s dinners. If the battery in my camera weren’t dead (also a product of neglect), I’d take a photo for you of the frozen pizza box sitting on my counter this morning–the detritus of last night’s dinner. As we were eating breakfast in the kitchen before school a few hours ago, my son laughed and pointed at the box’s lower left-hand corner. “You should post this on your blog, Mom!” he said. Beneath a photo of a man’s hands kneading pizza dough, it read, in all caps, “PRODUCT IS NOT HANDMADE.” We all laughed, understanding just how fitting a photo it would be to accompany this post–an illustration of the zaniness of our lives right now. I love that my children see the irony and humor in the fact that I’m spending my days writing about food (that is very much handmade) for my book proposal, yet I only have time to feed them frozen pizza. Ah, life as a modern-day mom.

In any case, I’m working on a new post and there is much fresh material to come, for in 35 days (who’s counting?) we leave for our summer in the village where I will be gathering many stories, photos and recipes for your delectation.

Until my next post, and always, I thank you for your interest in The Shepherd and the Olive Tree. And I ask that you please stay tuned. I won’t be serving frozen pizzas–or holding back on my posts here–for much longer.


4 thoughts on ““Mama always said there’d be days like this…”

  1. Love the pizza box anecdote! And really…nobody’s perfect all the time. The fact that frozen pizza is an exception to the rule at your house is a good thing! Good luck with the book proposal re-write!

  2. As another blogger who finds life takes precedence, especially when the internet is not a constant, you have my sympathies and I love your story of the frozen pizza and your kids. You’re obviously not shirking in the Mom department! See you in May. xox

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